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Luigi Bocconi Free University

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Grafton architects
location Milan
function education, laboratorium, university
contributed by iSiDA

Milan's Luigi Bocconi Free University dates back from 1902 and has grown in the past 100 years from a privately funded institution to an international university for business, economics and law. Because the campus kept growing over the decades, it now comprises an entire neighbourhood within a residential and commercial district, and new facilities had to be built. In this new building, new conference and lecture rooms can be found, as well as a 1000-seat aula and research offices for 1000 professors and postgraduate students.

MI_MOA says:
@David, the name of the architect is Grafton Architects, as listed on top of the page and in the left column.
Rotterdam, Netherlands 04-May-13
David Glazer . says:
Addition to my comment : I apologize , I did not see that the name of architects appears .
David Glazer , Israel .

David Glazer . says:
The stone ( concrete or marble ) canopy which projects out of the building and is reflected in the glass facade looks like hanging over the street .

I would expect to mantion the name of the architects of this building .

David Glazer , Israel .

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Luigi Bocconi Free University
Viale Bligny
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Completion 6- 2005
Floor area/size 45000 m2
Cost € 57000000,-
ArchitectGrafton architects
Project ID 2122
Latitude/Longitude 45°27'02N 09°11'16E
Contributed by iSiDA
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